Learn the easiest, most scalable, and most profitable way to build your own dental lab.
Wholesale Dental Lab
Brought to you by Dr. Brady Frank
The average Dentist adds $150,000 per year in additional revenue by adding their own branded wholesale dental lab to their DDSO.
Build your own Wholesale Dental Lab
Why would we consider building our own lab? 

"First of all, the lab is a fabulous value-add for all of your co-owners and the different PCs that are managed by your DDSO.  

Number two, it's its own profit center. The lab industry right now is a five billion dollar industry. A five billion dollar industry and about three billion of the five billion is in a shift right now. There are no companies that have a majority market share. It's very fragmented, and about three billion of the five billion dollar industry is changing." 

- Dr. Brady Frank
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